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Bypass Samsung Pangu is one among those many applications that are operated to bypass lock screen of Samsung phones. We’ve been asked with query about how to bypass lock screen of the Samsung device. This amazing app, Pangu FRP Bypass APK, is that app which will help you to bypass lock screen on the Samsung device. Samsung device users do not have to spend much of their time to bypass lock screen because today we are going to share simple steps to assist them. Yes, factory reset is always the finest way to protect the phone or device from thieves, but what about the situation when you yourself are unable to access the device? So, here is the work of bypass Samsung Pangu APK comes into your rescue. If you have forgotten your email and password of Google account, this APK will solve the issue.

bypass samsung pangu

Installing Bypass Samsung Pangu is easy and after installation, you can bypass lock screen of the Samsung device. Do not worry about your personal data. It will remain safe. As you read the post, you will be seeing many things about Bypass Samsung Pangu. Before everything else about Bypass Samsung Pangu, let’s count on to its wide range of features. read more: FRP Bypass APK

Bypass Samsung Pangu Features | Samsung FRP Bypass Tool

Bypass Samsung Pangu APK is love for the people who use Samsung device. The problem what many users have faced is that they do the factory reset and then forget their Google account credentials. This condition can be horrendous if you’ve to use your Samsung device immediately. Another problem that will occur before the user is that they cannot pick up any calls or read messages if they are unable to bypass Samsung Pangu. This situation seems disappointing, but fortunately, we have Bypass Samsung Pangu Apk which is easy to install and use. There are simple steps you can follow to bypass lock screen. So, here we first start with the features of Pangu FRP Bypass APK. Following are some of the best features of Pangu FRP Bypass APK. 


  • It’s simple to solve “Google Account FRP Lock” screen error through Samsung FRP Tool.
  • Samsung FRP Bypass for nearly all the Samsung devices is initiated through Samsung FRP Tool.
  • The best thing is Bypass Samsung Pangu APK is free to use and you can install it from anywhere.
  • Really very useful app for Samsung FRP Bypass.
  • As the name “Samsung FRP Bypass” suggest that the apk can only be used by the people who are using Samsung devices, but it’s not at all true. Other mobile users can also use this app to bypass the lock screen. This apk works awesome with the devices like Motorola, Lenovo or even the users of Micromax can also use Samsung FRP Bypass. Samsung FRP Bypass Tool is available at Bypass Samsung Pangu 

Above we’ve shared all the features of Bypass Samsung Pangu. No tool can be compared to Samsung FRP Bypass Tool. Even many people who have already use the tool and done bypass strongly recommend using this apk to bypass FRP. You are at your leisure to bypass FRP Lock or Bypass Samsung Pangu with this apk. To help you solve the issue, below we’ve shared the whole process from downloading to installation to Bypass Samsung Pangu App. Stay with us till the end of post.

Bypass Samsung Pangu Installation Guide

Downloading as well as installing Bypass Samsung Pangu is straightforward. Even the whole process is easy-going. You do not have to hassle while performing the steps given below to bypass the lock. We came up with this procedure after solving the same issue on many Samsung Devices through Bypass Samsung Pangu. The steps listed below do not consume much of your time also. Without further delay, let’s jump on to the simple steps on how to use Bypass Samsung Pangu.

  • You need to download and install Realterm. Realterm is software that is extremely helpful in making calls. SAMSUNG BYPASS GOOGLE VERIFY APK
  • After making a call, you’ve to tap the red button on the device and cut the call. Then, open your internet browser and download Samsung Pangu Tool.
  • After downloading the app, install it. If you face any problem regarding Unknown Sources. Go into settings and Turn On the unknown sources. Now, the installation can be done easily. Go to home screen and tap on the icon of Samsung FRP Bypass Tool.
  • Enter all the credentials regarding your Google account like email and password in the internet browser and then restart your Samsung device.
  • It’s done. You are now at your leisure to use Pangu FRP Bypass and easily Bypass Google Verification.

Above mentioned steps are all you need to do to install and use Bypass Samsung Pangu Apk. Following all the steps will surely help you Bypass the lock screen of your Samsung device. As we’ve said, the steps are easy to follow and implement. We’re sure that you will never face in an issue if you follow the above steps in a systematic way. Although there are many ways to Bypass Google verification, this method is the easiest one we’ve found till now.

Is it safe to Bypass Samsung Pangu with the above procedure?

Of course yes, many people have used the above-mentioned procedure to Bypass Samsung Pangu. This method is safe and surely works for you too if applied in a systematic way. Moreover, we’ve also tried the above procedure on many Samsung Devices and it has worked for us. We assure that this procedure to Bypass Samsung Pangu is the best as we compare it to other methods. Above all, the procedure is easy and Bypass Samsung Pangu apk is free of cost.


So we’ve shared all the steps and methods on how to use Bypass Samsung Pangu app. We hope that you love reading about Bypass Google Verify Apk and Samsung FRP Bypass Tool. Even if you still have questions regarding Bypass Samsung Google Account Lock, you can leave us a message by using the contact form. You can also solve your doubts regarding FRP bypass in the comments below.

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